"Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty."
-- Wendell Phillips

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FreePB.org remains steadfast in its commitment to individual rights, privileges, and freedoms, and to ensuring their fair and equal access

We are happy that OMBAC shares our commitment to fairness and equality in the permitting process and we look forward to the Mayor making good on his promise that "We're going to have a fair permitting process so that everybody in the city will be treated fairly and equally."

OMBAC has demonstrated that privileges and permissions associated with the special event permit can be effectively managed in an open manner, and FreePB.org is committed to working with the City in creating a system that permits ALL San Diegans the opportunity to enjoy those same privileges.


The Old Mission Beach Athletic Club and FreePB.org have resolved the lawsuit filed by FreePB.org relative to the 60th Annual World Championship of Over The Line. Both organizations believe that the 60th Annual OTL should proceed and to that end FreePB.org has agreed to dismiss OMBAC from its lawsuit against the City and to withdraw its appeals to the City Council. Accordingly,

OMBAC and FreePB.org agree:

  1. that all applicants for special event permits should be able to enjoy the same privileges and be required to follow the same permit regulations and conditions when the anticipated impacts of their events are similar;

  2. that applicants for such permits should be subject only to those permit regulations/conditions that have been approved by the city council and mayor following an adequate opportunity for public comment;

  3. that a special event application should be denied only when the city determines, based on substantial evidence, that the event will not conform to such regulations/conditions or poses an unreasonable public-safety risk; and

  4. that any such determination by staff should be made early enough to allow for an appeal hearing to the NS&PS committee a reasonable period of time before the event's scheduled date.
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